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Lunar Storm participate in Live Action Role Play (LARP) Events organised by the Lorien Trust. They take their name from their ship, a lightning-fast frigate. She is lean, black sailed and black timbered, her wood and iron darkened by the soot of the ships that she and her fellows have plundered and fired. Grotesques and other hideous carvings make her look like a floating mausoleum. Her ratlines are made from the long-bones of those foolish enough not to surrender to her depradations.

The ship's bell is made from the gladius (cuttlebone) of the kraken that killed a former comrade, while the hooks on her boarding platforms are dragon claws. Strange, spiral shells that Mercurius Stark has dubbed the "Yow-Yows" are fitted to the outer ends of her yards. With the narrow ends unplugged and at speed, these emit an unearthly cacophony of howling noises which are truly terrifying when the Lunar Storm is masked by rain, mist or fog. In calms or light winds, the "Yow-Yows" are sounded by Air Elementals controlled by Dark Incantors amongst the crew. The Air Elementals also drive the ship along when needed.

The crew is made up of most of the races of Erdreja, except Fey, who are too annoying. They ply the open seas as out-and-out chaotic pirates. They are members of The Scourge, a group within the Jackals Faction, and the Pirates League, a loose pan-faction federation of Chaos-supporting pirate crews.

Lunar Storm came into being when the last of the Black Rat Traders died at the Great Erdrejan Fayre 1110.

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